Hangzhou Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • China Hangzhou Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile
  • China Hangzhou Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile
  • China Hangzhou Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile
  • China Hangzhou Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile
  • China Hangzhou Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile
Main Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter
No. of Employees 100~130
Annual Sales 8000K-10000K
Year Established 2002
Export p.c 60% - 70%


Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd.is a national-level high-tech company. It is a production-oriented enterprise mainly engaged in the production of high-performance beryllium copper materials.

CUBERYLLIUM® established in 2002 years and located in Zhejiang Prov., China. It is a member of “CUBERYLLIUM®” Group which was founded in 1998 with a long experience of Beryllium Copper Alloy.

At present, “CUBERYLLIUM®” Group has developed into three production bases in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanxi, covering more than 30000 square meters with more than 120 employees.

"CUBERYLLIUM®Group is a professional manufacturer which based on production and development of beryllium copper alloy, with well equipped testing facilities and strong technical force, good quality and reasonable price.

CUBERYLLIUM®'s beryllium copper has high conductivity, high strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in aerospace, communications, welding, chemical petroleum and medical fields.




Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd., established in 2002 years and located in Zhejiang Prov., China. It is a member of “CUBERYLLIUM®” Group which was founded in 1998 with a long experience of Beryllium Copper Alloy.




Machining Process:

CUBERYLLIUM® has a reputation for machining quality parts from Beryllium Copper. We can machine intricate parts on our multi spindle machine and CNC turning centers. Introducing CUBERYLLIUM’s beryllium copper parts and products. CUBERYLLIUM will continue to develop and machining beryllium copper that support the foundation of society and help solve environmental issues.

In addition to on-time delivery assurance, CUBERYLLIUM® professionals can recommend the specific copper alloy that will machine most cost-effectively for your project. They have a thorough understanding of copper chip forming characteristics that impact machining speed and component quality. The CUBERYLLIUM® beryllium copper experts are also adept at acquiring materials, leveraging sources that keep materials costs in check.

Added savings come from the wide array of Wonder equipment options (including Swiss machining, multi-spindle machining and CNC turning) that perform multiple operations for lower component costs and improved turnaround time.



Stamping Process:

CUBERYLLIUM® have a beryllium copper precision stamping manufacturer Partner, 35 years of precision hardware production experience, high precision products, large output, especially accumulated rich experience in the post-processing of beryllium copper, including stable hardness, no welding Tinning, etc., has solved the long-term troubles of customers. Our company is good at precision cold extrusion, stamping, stretching, in-mold riveting, in-mold tapping and other manufacturing processes for beryllium copper materials.

CUBERYLLIUM® has 15 precision high-speed punches, high-precision slow- moving and fast-moving wire cutting machines, precision grinders, milling machines, computer gongs, two-dimensional and other advanced production, processing and testing equipment; daily processing of microelectronic hardware parts reaches 3 million The company has passed ISO9001:2015 certification, and has a complete production process and quality management system to ensure efficient and high-quality service to customers!

Our company has recently done a lot of scientific research and development and application on the performance of electrode materials, including surface treatment of materials (gold, silver, tin, nickel), passivation process after surface treatment, vacuum heat treatment of beryllium copper There are a set of application standards for the application of copper and aluminum composite materials to ensure that customers have no worries after adopting our products!

Now CUBERYLLIUM® is committed to the stamping, cold extrusion and drawing of high-precision miniature hardware parts. The main products are gas discharge tube electrodes, precision shrapnel electrodes, pressure-sensitive electrodes and various professional customized elastic/tension/torsion springs, etc.;CUBERYLLIUM® products are widely used in lightning protection and communication , Security, home appliances, solar energy and consumer electronics; end customers mainly include Huawei, ZTE, Foxconn, TDK, etc.



Forgings and Extrusions

CUBERYLLIUM® -copper beryllium easy can be worked allows fabrication of large, near-net shape components by forging and extrusion.

Forging extends the size range available in copper beryllium components. Processes include rotary forging, ring rolling, roll forging, swaging, cold heading, and various open and closed die techniques. Forgings include:

• Disc shaped resistance seam welding electrodes (open die forging)

• Generator rings (ring forged)

• Aerospace and hydrospace components

• Gears and power transmission couplings

Extrusions find application in continuous long lengths, where economy is achieved by near-net shape techniques; in short lengths where near-net shape processing is combined with high production rate; and in back extruded parts where relatively large diameter hollows can be produced economically.

Extrusions include:

• Wear resistant guide rails for computer peripheral equipment

• Heat and fatigue resistant mold segments for continuous casting equipment

• Abrasion and galling resistant dies and die inserts for resistance flash welding

• Corrosion resistant, antigalling cylinders for under- sea cable communication system repeater housings.



Mold Process

CUBERYLLIUM® -beryllium copper mainly focuses on the various working conditions used in non-ferrous metal low-pressure, gravity casting molds. Through in-depth research on the failure causes of beryllium bronze mold materials, the internal relationship between the composition and the corrosion resistance of molten metal, the development of high conductivity (thermal), high The high-performance beryllium bronze mold material that combines strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness, and liquid metal corrosion resistance solves the problems of low pressure of domestic non-ferrous metals, easy cracking and easy wear of gravity casting molds, and significantly improves mold life , Demolding speed and casting strength; overcome the adhesion of molten metal slag and erosion of the mold; improve the surface quality of the casting; reduce production costs; make the life of the mold close to the imported level. High-performance beryllium copper hardness HRC43, density 8.3g/cm3, containing beryllium 1.9%-2.15%, it is widely used in plastic injection molding mold inner inserts, cores, die-casting punches, hot runner cooling systems, heat conduction nozzles, blowing The overall cavity of plastic molds, automobile molds, etc.

The beryllium copper mold adds points to the cavity core, instead of completely using beryllium copper as the mold, adding beryllium copper to the core cavity can make the cooling faster.



Our Team

CUBERYLLIUM® has leading QC Depts. Team for Beryllium Copper alloy in China.

Hold Straightness Spectrometer, Universal Testing Machine, Conductivity Testing Instrument, Metallographic Microscope, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Hardness Tester. Chemistry Analysis Lab. etc. In order to ensure all Beryllium Copper Alloy from CUBERYLLIUM® without any quality issue.



Sales Depts.

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