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CUBERYLLIUM® is committed to providing goods and services that meet to exceed stated regulatory standards and our customer's requirements while striving to improve our quality system. We also have leading QC Depts. for Beryllium Copper alloy in China, with advanced quality test equipments, in order to ensure all Beryllium Copper Alloy from CUBERYLLIUM® without any quality issue.


  Test Items Equipments
1 Components Analysis Fluorescence Spectrometer
2 Direct-reading Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer
3 Spectrophotometer
4 Heating Treatment Heat Treatment Furnace
5 Hardness Rockwell Hardness Test Machine
6 Micro-hardness Test Machine
7 Conductivity Micro-resistance Test Machine
8 Digital Eddy Current Conductivity Test Machine
9 Mechanical Properties Microcomputer Control Electronic Universal Material Test Machine
10 Nondestructive Inspection The Online Intelligent Digital Eddy Current Detector
11 Mass Analytic Balance
12 Metallographic Analysis Metallurgical Microscope



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         Hangzhou Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. quality control 2           Hangzhou Cuberyllium Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. quality control 3



Material Standard Policy

  • All inventory is ordered to ASTM Specifications, plus US Federal, military and aerospace specifications where applicable.
  • All wrought material in our warehouse can be supplied with full certifications in accordance with the above-mentioned specifications, chemically, mechanically, and physically.
  • All material is analyzed and checked several times before delivery.
  • Material is identified in all stages of production, in scrap form, in molten form, in billet form, and in final configuration.
  • Material is carefully tagged with heat numbers and identification numbers as it moves down the production line until the final inspection prior to shipment.
  • All material is subject to rigorous physical tests where micro-structures, tensile, yield strength, eddy current conductivity, elongation, and hardness are measured and reported.


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